Thursday, 12 November 2015


Mr Minor woke up one sunny morning from a nightmare and he tried to calm down. He looked out the window he saw all of the robots working in the stores and the buildings. Humans jogging around, some humans where buying food from the super market.      

He heard  the phone ring,  he answered it. It was Mr Pickle Bottom he said, "Mr Minor you've got to check out this cool cave." Mr Minor was excited and replied, "Yes" and hung up. He got dressed, he wore his blue baggy shirt that said, " Metallica" on it. He also wore  his  boots with chains on them,   he put his black skinny jeans on then brushed his blonde scruffy hair and climbed into his cherry red Ferrari and drove off to the cave. 

After a long drive, he  he found a beautiful cave with crystals and diamonds.
 "I think this is the cool cave that Mr Pickle Bottom was talking about," said Mr Minor as he looked around the cave.  He touched one of the crystals and the cave door collapsed. Mr Minor was trapped so he tried to make it open again. 

Mr Minor found a cookie time on the floor and ate it hungrily. He said, "Yum." 
After he'd finished it he saw a bright light in the distance. He followed it. Later he found a big mansion on the other side of the cave, he went  inside. He hoped no one would have him arrested because he was going in someone's house. He pushed the door opened and gasped with surprise, he saw a huge chandelier .
"WOW," Mr Minor said as he looked around, he was impressed, "this person must be rich," he said again looking at the golden sword. 

He went up the shiny white stairs, he saw a room and went in it. It was dark so he opened the curtains  and, "BOOM" went the curtains. A round robot was doing the washing on the terrace. Mr Minor was scared  he gulped, the robot stared at Mr Minor.  Mr Minor didn't know what was going to happen next.

 He turned and ran for his life. He went down the shiny white stairs and out the door. The round robot came out with a big "ROAR," but didn't go after Mr Minor at all. Mr Minor was saved. He was tired so he  made a little bed in the cave using a big rock and some news papers. 
Feeling exhausted off to sleep he went instantly.

The End.